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Each Sunday at 9PM the Salon hosts an underground films & videos series run by different curators.

This fall we are pleased to bring on board two new curators.

On the last Sunday of the month the Brooklyn International Film Festival curators will host an evening of short or feature films.

Each Sunday prior to that Rachael Rakes will bring us an independent film or documentary as part of her Uncovered series

Also a big THANK YOU to our various business compadres from Franklin Street who help us with some of the distribution rights!

Check the calendar of events for further details.

If you are interested in curating a film and video series at East Coast Aliens please contact us at salon@eastcoastaliens.com

As a non-for-profit organization your donations keep us afloat.
Doors open ½ hour prior to show time and close ½ hour after the last film has ended.

We reserve the right to deny, at our sole discretion, entry to anyone for any reason we deem valid. We invite you to check the website for any schedule updates on the day of the shows.

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